Invest In Elvsbane

About The Company

Elvsbane is a mass-market brand launched by Drip Hacks LTD – a UK Flavour House with almost 10 years in flavour chemistry servicing the DIY niche as well as large international distributors overseas. The company has amassed almost 7,000 unique Trustpilot reviews and supplies flavour concentrates, additives and E-Liquids to a huge number of businesses in the UK and globally.

As Pioneers of the Hackshot® – the most prolific DIY E-Liquid product type on the market, we built a reputation for innovation and continue to this day to lead the niche. 

One Shots – a staple in the DIY market. Our expertise in complex and complete flavours known as “One-Shots” gives us an edge when it comes to flavours. 

Crystalize – bar salt longfills produced using our double concentrate liquids for super-strong flavour, replicating disposable vapes without flavour masking. 800+ Reviews since September. 

Why Elvsbane?

The Elvsbane brand is a mass-market opportunity with global prospects due to firstly: the flavour, and secondly: the branding/story. Elf Bar disposables are responsible for the majority of single-use sales which saw meteoric rise back in 2021 and have dominated the vape industry since. Negative media attention, the governments action against youth-vaping and the environmental disaster they’ve incurred has led to an inevitable ban. The market now looks to Nic Salt solutions and whilst big brands like Elfliq & Maryliq have the spot-light, there’s scope for a new brand to dominate.

The Elvsbane concept is the antithesis of Chinese E-Liquid & disposable vapes which aims to bring the mass market back to UK manufacturing, where it should be. UK E-Liquid can be supplied at the same price point with similar if-not-better flavours. Chinese brands dominate due to high-budget marketing and access to near-limitless resources. In this case the resources are supplied by Drip Hacks, and the budget is supplied by the investors to create a formula not dissimilar to the Chinese strategy but on British soil. 


The industry is now worth approximately $4bn representing enormous growth in just a few years. There is potential for further growth as the market matures with sales of nicotine salts on the increase. The ban of disposable vapes will fuel this increase giving further credence to the assertion that there’s room for a new global player. 


As of 2023, the industry was valued at $11.45bn in the EU, with growth up to $21bn expected by 2028. Compliance is dependant on the country of import and requires the right knowledge to complete successfully and legally. UK products are held in high regard throughout the EU and a large portion of the market is based on this demand. 

Middle East & Africa

As a newcomer to the industry, the Middle East has perhaps the largest growth potential. Various countries in the region have dropped their bans on e-cigarettes and businesses are flourishing. According to giiresearch: the middle east and africa have a combined value of only £128.7m, a small fraction of the UK’s market. If we consider the combined population vs the UK, it’s clear that there will be tremendous growth in the coming years.